Our Shop

Our vegan organic handmade soaps created with a balance of organic and naturally derived ingredients. We believe in purity and honesty when it comes to beauty. We put our full ingredients list on every product, so you know exactly what’s touching your skin.

Our natural bath products are handcrafted with all natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils. They contain real flowers, including rose, lavender, jasmine, camomile, peach blossom, saffron, and make a very pretty gift.

Our premium beard oils and balms are carefully crafted using only the best essential oils to ensure the highest level of quality. Cruelty free and never tested on animals.

Who We Are

I am Tetyana, a highly-skilled beauty technician who takes pride in helping my clients find new ways to express themselves and reveal their natural beauty. My mission is to build and maintain a culture that promotes wellness, strives for excellence and fosters creativity. I use my knowledge to provide a personalized, one-of-a-kind experience that is tailored for each of my guests - your beauty is my priority!

Natural Beauty

We believe in clean, natural and healthy beauty. Our handmade bath products and materials we use are crafted with premium organic ingredients. They work with your skin instead of against it. No harmful chemicals, no GMOs, only natural components gentle enough for both body and face.

Natural Ingredients

Our cruelty-free products are made with simple, natural, elemental or plant-based and organic ingredients. Our soaps contain real flower essences, even the ink we use for permanent contain only natural components. We care not only about your apperance, but also about your health.

Natural Standards

We set a high bar for our products and services. All of our products are made of highest-quality organic ingredients that are safe for you and for the planet. They all are toxin-free and 100% natural. Your skin will be grateful to you for choosing them!